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Who should register for YouScience?

  • Anyone wanting to discover/identify careers that match their aptitude & interests

  • Anyone who is creating an education and/or career plan

  • Anyone who is interested in identifying industry recognized certifications necessary to secure a desired career

What is YouScience Brightpath?

  • JEL is a licensed YouScience BrightPath site where students can discover their aptitudes, explore best-fit pathways, and find their purpose.

  • Generates a detailed report identifying the following about YOU:

    • Your Aptitudes 

      • Indicate the potential to excel at and enjoy certain activities

      • Unlike skills, knowledge or interests, which can be enhanced or changed, your aptitudes remain stable

      • They show how YOUR brain is WIRED!

    • Your Personal Interests & Preferences

      • Indicate your preference for work in 6 different categories

      • Interests change over time based on exposure to information, experiences and the people around us

      • Your interpersonal Style shows how you prefer to interact with others

What will I learn?

  • Knowing your aptitudes, interests, & preferences assists you with understanding how they affect work, school and social activities

  • Your strengths

  • Careers that match your aptitude & interests

    • May identify careers you hadn't considered previously or never knew existed

    • Salary, education requirements, and projected job outlook about the careers best suited for you

How does it work?

  • Request an invitation by "Register Here" link above

  • Check your personal email inbox for the invitation to complete a series of fun brain games so BrightPath can work it's magic and help you identify the career path that's right for YOU

  • There are 11 brain games

    • Each game is timed and takes only minutes to complete

    • You do NOT need to complete all the games at once

    • The TOTAL time to complete all 11 games is approximately 90 minutes

    • Once they are completed, your report will be available for you to review at your convenience for years to come

Additional Questions?

Please contact Nicole Cooper at 317.259.5269 x44017 or by email.

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