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One year, 3 hours per day


Course Information:

Students will be able to perform the skills needed in a time of emergency that could save someone’s life. During the fall semester, students will perform skills such as airway management, splinting of fractured bones, actions to take in a respiratory emergency, adult, child and infant CPR, and vital signs. Upon successful completion of this course, students will be eligible to take the spring semester of the EMT course. Students wishing to take the spring semester of the EMT program should be 17 years of age by the completion of the EMT course to be eligible to take the certification exam. Students successfully completing this EMR, First Responder course may opt to take the EMR certification exam to add to their portfolio. For more information about the EMT program, see below.

Dual Credit:

Ivy Tech (3 credits)

• HSPS 125 Emergency Medical Responder

Job Opportunities:

• Hospitals • Health Clinics 

Get Involved:

Join our Career-Technical Student Organization - HOSA: Future Health Professionals!

Learn leadership skills, compete in events, earn scholarships, and much more! 

$$$ Bureau of Labor Statistics, U.S. Department of Labor, Occupational Outlook Handbook on the Internet at

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Dual Credit Poster 18-19 for Ivy Tech Bo
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Nickole Milewski

317.259.5269   x44025

Welcome to the world of EMS! I bring to the classroom over 26 years of experience in the Emergency Medical Services arena.  I have worked in many areas of EMS, Dispatch for Fire & EMS, EMT for private ambulance service and also a Municipality, Firefighter/EMT and also worked for Methodist Hospital Level 1 Trauma Center and LIFELINE Helicopter.  I am active in the Air Medical industry at the National Level, teaching and speaking at National Conferences on health and safety.  I also have my Bachelor’s Degree in Health Care Administration.

My goal is that each student will become successful in EMS and enjoy the industry as much as I do. I hope that they learn something new each week of class. I teach at the college level so students will have a real experience with classes at the collegiate level.  Each student should be prepared to work hard, work with others, and be determined to be successful in the class. I will work with each student to help them achieve their individual goals for my class.

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