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Ivy Tech @ JELCC

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AUTO & Welding                9-9:30am
Health Sciences            9:30-10:00am
IT, Education, Culinary   10:00-10:30am
All                              10:30-11:00

Date: Monday, April 17, 2023
Presenter: Juan Carlos Buitron
Location: JELCC, Room G335
Have questions now? Contact Mr. Buitron HERE

AUTO & Welding                1-1:30pm
Health Sciences            1:30-2:00pm
IT, Education, Culinary   2:00-2:30pm
All                              2:30-3:00pm

What's Next?

- After registering, you will receive a confirmation email with additional information.

- Check out the Checklist!
    1. Apply today (different than dual credit application): Application Link 
    2. Complete FAFSA (code: 009917)
    3.  Assessment, if you did not already submit one for your current dual credit class.

- Check out the Advising Checklist!*

Need help with the Checklist? IVY Tech representatives will be ready to help!

Questions about Enrollment or your credits? contact Diane Steffey.


Are you currently earning dual credits in your JELCC class? Check out how the credits are getting you closer to a Certificate, Technical Certificate, or an Associate of Science/Applied Science!

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Questions about enrollment or dual credits? Contact Diane Steffey in the Student Services office.

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